Lighting controls

Honeywell Lighting Controls Solution offers smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure lights aren't left burning in vacant areas and that lights are off in areas where there's already plenty of natural light.  New technologies in lighting control allow daylight harvesting, demand response and task tuning strategies that previously required expensive, proprietary lighting control equipment.  It all adds up to significant energy savings as a standalone solution or as part of an overall integrated energy management plan.


Honeywell WEBs-AX is a web-based, building control system providing facilities managers with an easy-to-access and easier-to-use system with lower installation and maintenance cost.  The cost savings carry through from the reduced installation and retrofit charges, to lowered building operation cost and increased productivity.  This flexible, distributed and open automation system offers what large, centrally located automation system cannot.  WEBs-AX offers a complete line of building automation and filed device products, scalable solution for adding on, support for common building automation protocols.


Utilizing high quality products enables us to provide high quality solutions.  Global Building Automation Systems uses nothing but the best products from proven manufactures.  Global Building Automation Systems is a Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI), and an Authorized Honeywell Security Contractor.

 WEBS-AX security

Honeywell WEBs-AX Security offers a family of Web-enabled building automation solutions designed to meet your specific needs, from one affordable system. This affordable, integrated, open communications building control system is flexible and versatile, providing any combination of single site and enterprise access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and building automation.  Unlike standalone, fixed-sized systems, WEBs-AX Security consolidates HVAC and Security controls into one scalable system.  WEBs-AX Security can function as a standalone system or integrate with third party devices for enterprise-level information sharing.


Honeywell combines the quality and reliability of there products to create powerful security solutions.  From cameras and domes to digital video recording, you'll have all the control you need to aggregate personnel, access and historical information from multiple location onto one platform for system-wide reporting and programming.  Integrated with your HVAC building automation systems, Honeywell has video and camera solutions that fit your building requirements.


Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC, BYPASS and COMPACT variable frequency drives are designed specifically for commercial buildings, with 98 percent efficiency, minimal labor and an improved ROI. The building’s fan and pump systems will be monitored at all times, so you can analyze trends, make adjustments and put optimal energy cost savings at your fingertips. Plus they’re loaded with labor saving features for accurate commissioning and reliable maintenance.

 Electric Submeters

Honeywell  SUB submeters provide energy usage data to analyze specific tenants, departments or equipment. Through on-site or remote, real time monitoring they work with a variety of building automation controllers, turning the gathered information into easy-to-use profiles and developing plans to save energy and lower costs.